Green Sustainable Architecture

Ecological Design That is Beautiful and Functional Green architecture means designing buildings that have the least environmental impact possible. As the country becomes more environmentally conscious, many people continually look for new ways to live that will not have an impact on the planet—and saving money on energy usage is just a bonus. While using [...]

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Eco Friendly, Green Home Design Ideas

From the roof to the heating to the floors, environmentally friendly materials and features for eco home design that will save you money as well as save the environment. An environmentally or eco friendly home is one that uses materials that conserve energy, are renewable resources, are made from recycled materials and its manufacture is [...]

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Green Kitchen Design

Environmentally-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Green home design can help reduce homeowners' carbon footprints without sacrificing style and comfort. Green building products provide stylish and functional design options that are pleasing to the eye and to the environment. When remodeling a kitchen, homeowners can easily integrate eco-friendly materials into many areas. Kitchen Flooring Options Starting with the floors, [...]

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